Pro-Programmer Airbag Reset Mileage-Correction Iprog Support IMMO Replace V84 3in1

    Pro-Programmer Airbag Reset Mileage-Correction Iprog Support IMMO Replace V84 3in1 Specification & Description Summary

    Pro-Programmer Airbag Reset Mileage-Correction Iprog Support IMMO Replace V84 3in1 Specification

    • Brand NameEKETOOL
    • External Testing Certificationce
    • OriginCN(Origin)
    • Model NameProg Programmer


    If buyer need buy seperate adapter accessories alone ,please click below link:

    item descriptioniProg iPROG Programmmer Multi-Function Supports IMMO/Odometer Correction/Airbag Reset Works Till Year to 2019 Replace Carprog Full/Digiprog/Tango



    iPROG+ can only be connected to the computer's USB port 5V. NOT allow to external 12V power supply. 

    It is easy to burn out when connected to an external power supply 12V(There is no 12V power supply in the package,so customer dont use 12V,otherwise customer responsible for this)

    After install driver but computer can not detect and device manager shows unknow device that means driver can not work,please uninstall and re-install driver again and change another usb port to plug.


    Language: Full Russian +half English (Not Full English)

    ***some software show russian,please note to this .


    New Release V85


    Airbag,carradio,dpf off, ECU,IMMO KEY, MIL TO KM, PINABS,PINCODE SMATRA3,PINCODE SENSOR SPEED LIMIT,ODO Adjust,EEPROM,MCU-Atmel,Fujutsu,Microchip,Motorola,Motorola912EN,NECV850,BLR,CAN,CRC_Cript,ibutton,sd_unlocker,test.
    IProg Pro Programmer Function List:
    Working with odometers on OBDII connector
    Working with odometers on the table through adapters
    Work with multimedia unlocking the tape recorder
    Work with keys (IMMO, Transponders), copying, preparation, unlocking
    Work with IMMO-Key Auto dumps
    Working with the airbag computer, deleting crash data
    Transfer readings from miles to km
    Read and write processors and its used in cars
    Removing the particulate filter in the dump
    Working with keys to the intercom
    Realign Pin cod from dump (some brands)
    Control board number, + scripts full Base number. Ability to update!
    All adapters are tested for performance!
    IProg Pro Programmer Support OS:
    The program is designed to work in the operating systems of the Windows family . The following versions are supported:
    Windows xp
    Windows vista
    Windows 7
    Windows 8
    Iprog+ Programmer Software Display:
    1. Airbag:
    Read and erase crash to some cars
    Read and erase DTC 
    Repair CFG
    2. Dashboard:
    Read km 
    Write a new km
    3. Car Radio & ECU:
    Car Radio:
    Read and erase info 
    Reset count
    Immo OFF 
    DPF off 
    4. Eeprom:
    Read/write/erase eeprom
    5. Immo:
    Program and copy chips for cars and truck
    Unlock keys
    Cover Toyota smart keys: reset key prepare
    Write a key by immo dump
    6. Mcu:
    Read and write chips
    Cover chips Atmel, Fujitsu and microchips Motorola, NEC v850
    7. Special functions:
    Mile to km
    Pincode from dump
    Question:I have a 2010 GMC terrain , I purchased the car and it has 999999 on the dash board when I scanned it, GDS2 shows me it has 16.7 million miles
    my question is I am trying to put the mileage back to original state of 257.000 KM car is Canadian  I am going to be using iprog+  is the info for it in the BCM or the cluster or Both.
    Answer:BCM should be enough, but if the dash does not display new mileage you may need to do both. 24c16 in dash and BCM.
    IProg+ Programmer Customers Reviews:
    Review 1:
    For Isuzu Dmax 2010 all key lost done by Iprog+ clone
    Review 2:
    I ordered one iprog clone, I can cofirm that Iprog+ clone is working perfect on these keys: to reset a used Smartkey of Subaru Impreza (renew, make virgin), it is a DENSO 14ACA Type.
    Review 3:
    Iprog clone masos for the drop of the car and the car box will be closed dpf egr evap car toyota and Lexus will make the car use the stand.
    Review 4:
    My iprog+ clone can do good work.
    Credits to one DK veteran.
    Review 5:
    i have iprog Chinese clone and without problem clear all Toyota modules.
    Review 6:
    Clearing of airbag ECU works though some parts is stuck in Russian.
    Review 7:
    read pin code smartra3 hyundai h1 2012 bosh edc16--OK, Delphi not ok.
    V.82 Ford Transit 2012 mileage correction OBD OK, by obd made this Ford.
    Review 8:
    I have Iprog clone and i am really satisfied from it.
    90% of dashboard and airbag calculations are good.
    Today i was made Mazda Airbag unit trough OBD.
    It was Infineon XC2361-56F.
    Package List:
    1pc x iprog+  Main Unit
    1pc x RFID 125+134 adapter
    1pc x Eeprom adapter
    1pc x UARTBDM adapter
    1pc x NEC Read adapter 
    1pc x OBD Cable
    1pc x USB
    1pc x CD
    1pc x CAN Adapter (Optional)
    1pc x Kline adapter (Optional)
    1pc x Welding Line (Optional)
    1pc x MB IR Adapter (Optional)
    1pc x PCF79XX Adapter (Optional)
    1pc x 5pcs Probe Adapters (Optional)
    1pc x RFID Yellow adapter for 4C/4D (Optional)
    1pc x 35080/160 Erase Adapter (Optional)
    1pc x 35080/160 Erase Adapter (Optional)
    1pc x 35080/080 Erase Adapter (Optional)
    New Add Adapter 35080/160 Erase for iProg:
    35080 Adapter 35080/160 Erase Adapter For iProg Programmer Works iProg+ Read/ Write/Delete 35080 Series Chips
    It supports the ability to read / write its industry area, as well as read / write / delete the incremental area in the chips 35080 6, 35080V6, 35080VP, 080D0WQ, 160D0WQ
    Compatible With 080 old models ,supports both 35080/160 series
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    Pro-Programmer Airbag Reset Mileage-Correction Iprog Support IMMO Replace V84 3in1

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