Diagnostic-Tool Odis 5.1.6 OBD2 Wifi SKODA 5054A 6154 Audi Support OKI for VAG Better

    Diagnostic-Tool Odis 5.1.6 OBD2 Wifi SKODA 5054A 6154 Audi Support OKI for VAG Better Specification & Description Summary

    Diagnostic-Tool Odis 5.1.6 OBD2 Wifi SKODA 5054A 6154 Audi Support OKI for VAG Better Specification

    • OriginCN(Origin)
    • Special FeaturesOKI Full Chip
    • Software VersionODIS V5.1.6
    • LanguageCzech

    Good News !!! Good Ide

    We will send ODIS Engineering V9.2.2 as free software gift. After receiving parcel, pls contact me to send you ODIS-E 9.2.2 download link.  



    Attentions :
    1. The CD version is ODIS V5.1.6 with keygen, If CD is unable to read, do not worry, contact me to get download link !
    2. If you want to do online function, you need to get online account, we did not provide. 
    3. Please install the Drive after finished install the ODIS 5.1.6 software, otherwise you can not connect car. 
    4.  If you do not know how to install software, feel free to contact me to get video instruction .


    5.Original oki version is best quality made-in-china version ,pls just compare your received original oki version with my link pictures, Thanks !



    Introduction :

    6154A is a universal diagnostic interface for V Group and all OBD vehicle systems from other manufacturers.
    6154A scanner which is with full chips equipped ( OKI , control module ). It is top quality in the market with full functions .
    Connect method: USB and WIFI connect, first time please use USB connect method. 
    Features of ODIS V5.1.6:

    1. free license untill 2030 year , not like other sellers' provided  license version only few montths !


    2.works for VAG  all 9 Brands from 1995 to 2019 ( for V, for AUDI, for SEAT, for Skoda, for Lamborghini, for MAN, for  Nutzfahrzeunge (Commercial vehicles), for Bugatti and for Bentley ) ! Other seller's V5.1.3 can not work for SEAT !


    3.One installation, one desktop icon for all 9 BRANDS.

    that means all license ( car brands ) can be installed one time , very easy !


    4. work with both 5054a and 6154 


    5. For 6154 , supports WIN7 / WIN10


    6. Include Keygen in CD ( 03 folder ), it is easy to activate hardware ID by keygen! ( if do not know, just contact me )


    7. Support engineer version




    6154A is a universal diagnostic interface for the vehicles of the V Group and all OBD vehicle  
    systems from other manufacturers.
    6154A  with Software License and Bluetooth(with Original Tool Box)
    6154A  remote Diagnosis Head Provides diagnostic application to the onboard vehicle system
    6154A  is the perfect choice for servicing, production and road tests in particular w ith its compact design
    Housing with integrated diagnostic connecotr.
    Reliable and efficient handing of diagnostic protocols in the 6154A.
    Power supplied by vehicle, thus saving notebook batter power during moblie operation.
    Power management ensures load reduction for the vehicle battery during downtimes.
    Status display.
    ODIS software support 24 languages : DK, DE, GB, US, ES, FR, HR, IT, PT, HU, NL, PL, SI, FI, SE, TR, CZ, RU, GR, CN, JP, BR, RO, KR , including English/Germany/Russia/Spanish/France//Portuguese
    Supported Protocols:
    K Line (ISO9141-2)
    High-speed CAN(ISO 11898-2)
    Low-speed CAN (ISO11898-3)
    J1850 (SAE J1850)
    *The vehicle protocols are handled directly in the 6154A.  This ensures fast response times and a         
    reliable real-time behavior independently of the PC operation system.
    *Every time a connection is established, the 6154A software is synchonized with the version installed on the application.
    *The diagnostic base system can access the 6154Avia Bluetooth or USB.
    F: I had installed drive, why still can not connect car ?
    ​Q: Please update the Drive and hardware to the newest version.
    F:I can not find the drive on the CD
    Q: Please contact with me to send you the specail Drive link.
    Package List:
    1 × 6154Amain unit with OKI full chip
    1 x  USB cable 
    1 x  WIfi Adapter
    1 x  Optional CD
     x  Carton Box


    Intall Tips:
    1.Any problem during installation, please do not open dispute or leave a negative feedback, contact seller first, most problems are easy to solve. We can help you remote.
    2.Please don't install 2 software versions in the same computer. Files will conflict with each other. One computer can only install one software. If you want to reinstall another version in the same computer, you need to reset system or format C disc.
    3.Antivirus software needs to be closed when installing driver otherwise some files might be deleted.
    1) Run the file from the Windows Update folder, depending on your system
    2) Run the file OffboardDiagSetup-Service_VWMCD_5_1_6-B51_6_0_10
    3) when requesting a license, specify the path to the license.dat file
    4) after installing the replacements, the OffboardDiagLauncher and de.volkswagen.odis.vaudas.launcher_4.51.2 files
    5) mount the disk image PostSetup_89.5.60
    6) after starting the program as administrator, specify the path to PostSetup_89.5.60
    7) after installation, we connect the device to the car (you can without turning on the ignition), wait for the drivers to be installed (automatically) and check after successful loading the presence of the adapter in the device manager.
    8) IMPORTANT !!! Run the file from the Patch folder; Activate with this software before the calculation, double click directly for - -bit system
    9) run the program.
    10)Please make sure the Voltage is up to 12V
    11)part 01-21 [all parts] altogether (not one by one) to the present folder, Please don't click anywhere during the compression process.





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    Diagnostic-Tool Odis 5.1.6 OBD2 Wifi SKODA 5054A 6154 Audi Support OKI for VAG Better

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